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Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Anti Ageing Face Scrub, Enriched with Walnut & Mulberry, Skin Lightening & Brightening Formula, Even Tones Skin & Removes Dark Spots & Pigmentation, Suitable for All Skin Types,100ml

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Reveal the brighter side of you and say bye bye to sun tan each time you scrub away dead cells, dirt and dullness with our all natural face scrub. Gentle and effective walnut shell powder in this facial scrub makes it perfect for scrubbing, while the antioxidant rich botanical extracts in the base keep the goodness going beneath the surface. Honey & Ginger soothe stressed skin. Use every alternate day not more than thrice a week to brighten up, get ready and face the world and the sun again.


Mild Yet Effective Exfoliation:-  Scrubbing your skin is good but using harsh exfoliators surely isn’t. This tan-removing scrub enriched with organic and natural herbs is so gentle yet so effective, it leaves you wondering how something so smooth and light can clear up so well! With small walnut granules that perform the scrubbing action so perfectly without damaging your skin, it leaves your face looking brighter, softer and clearer!
Brightens Skin Tone
:-  Get bright & illuminated skin with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic acid face scrub that fights dullness caused by free radical damage and other environmental stressors. It leaves you with radiant and even-toned skin.
Fights Free Radical Damage:-
 Crafted with the power of Vitamin C and the natural goodness of Lemon & Orange Extract, this face scrub fights free radical damage to give you clear and radiant skin.
Made with Authentic Ayurvedic Ingredients: - 100% Natural and free of toxins, this face cream is enriched with Vitamin E containing a blend of organic ingredients like mulberry, honey, rose and 12 precious herbs.
Suitable For All Skin Types: - This scrub is made of natural herbs which give mild yet effective exfoliation. It is suitable for all skin types, both men & women.
How to Use: -
Start with freshly washed, moist face. Massage the face scrub on forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, in upward-outward circular motion for as long as comfortable. Wash off, pat dry. Seal in the goodness with moisturizer or SPF. Use scrub not more than thrice a week. Once a week, follow the face scrub with a mask for a rejuvenating detox session at home!



  • Vitamin C and E & Hyaluronic acid protect from free-radical

  • Naturally brightens the skin and gives a radiant glow

  • Reduces dark spots hyperpigmentation and signs of aging

  • Gentle yet effective exfoliation 
  • Antioxidant-rich face scrub reduces blemishes & marks to give clear skin
    Gives rejuvenated, fresh & smooth skin

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