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Globus Naturals Lavender Body Lotion 200 ml & Body Wash 200 ml Skincare Combo with Loofa

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Experience the soothing benefits of Globus Naturals Lavender Skincare Combo. The Lavender Body Lotion, enriched with natural extracts, nourishes and hydrates, complemented by the Body Wash to cleanse and refresh. The included Loofa adds an extra touch, making your skincare routine a delightful, fragrant indulgence.


Soothing Lavender Fragrance: Envelops your senses in the calming and aromatic essence of lavender.

Intense Hydration: Formulated with moisturizing agents to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin.

Non-Greasy Formula: Lightweight texture ensures quick absorption without leaving a greasy residue.

Long-Lasting Softness: Leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth throughout the day.

Gentle Cleansing: Effectively cleanses the skin without stripping away its natural moisture. • Rich Lather: Luxurious lathering formula for a pampering and indulgent bathing experience.

Moisture-Rich Formula: Enriched with moisturizing ingredients for a refreshing and hydrated feel post-shower.

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