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Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Hair And Skin

Posted on January 19 2021

Originating from the Australian Tea tree, tea tree oil has been recognised as an anti-septic for a long-standing history of time. However, it is only in the recent times that it has been acknowledged as a safe and natural remedy for various skin and hair conditions. It’s popularity is now global for the promising benefits it offers towards enrichment of human health.  It has also proven to be an easy to source product in any nearby or online store and is a miraculous storehouse of remedies that have been listed below:

1. Sanitizer

You will be surprised to know that Tea Tree oil kills bacteria, germs and viruses acting as a natural sanitizer. Applying tea tree oil to the body could save a person from cold, flu and influenza. This antibacterial and anti-viral property makes it the best non-alcoholic sanitizer. It has proven its relevance in the times of uncertainty and pandemic thereby successfully demonstrating its versatility.

 2. Anti-microbial

Given its ability to fight bacteria, viruses and fungal infections; tea tree oil is of great essence in solving dermatological problems like healing psoriasis, chronic gingivitis, etc. Dermatologists, today, are recognising the benefits of this essential oil in treating skin problems. It can fight infections, heal wounds and cuts, and therefore, be even used as a wound dressing. It can also be useful to use on blisters, scabies, psoriasis, mouth ulcers and similar skin conditions.

 3. Anti-inflammatory

Inflammation refers to swelling due to pains or any other kinds of irritations. The anti-inflammatory properties of Tea tree oil can help you avoid soreness and puffiness. A high concentration of Terpinen-4-ol found in tea tree oil helps in reducing inflammation in the body.

 4. Your hair’s best friend

This magical essential oil can be very helpful in fighting dead skin and dandruff; thereby keeping the scalp well-nourished and shiny. It also provides the much-required strength to your damaged hair by moisturising it and providing longevity to it. It also enables hair growth by supplying the right nourishment, starting from the roots. It has also proven to be helpful in cases of itchiness and greasiness in the scalp. Overall, it is a good idea to add a few drops of this essential oil to hair oil, shampoo and conditioner.

 5.       Acne

Tea tree oil is famous for treating acne and acne scars. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to maintain the balance of the skin. Regular usage in limited quantities can ensure smooth and glowing skin. Few drops of oil can be added to rose water and applied on your face for treating acne. It could even help you in treating pimples and preventing dark spots. By using Tea Tree Oil in daily face cleansing, toning and moisturising routine, you can get a skin that radiates naturally as Tea tree oil can kill germs and bacteria, clean pores, clear tan, and leave the skin refreshed besides letting your true complexion shine out.

6. Sunburns and tans

Tea tree oil’s healing properties can be very effective against sunburned skin and sun-tans. Application of tea tree oil can help treat rashes on your skin caused by sunburns within minutes of application. It’s healing properties can be unearthed by adding few drops of tree oil to moisturizers or suntan creams. All you need to do is to apply it to your body before stepping out in the Sun.

7. As a perfume

Tea tree oil’s anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties can work great with body odours. Its natural fragrance can add to yours and leave your body fragrant and refreshed removing any kind of odours due to sweating or heat.

8. Oral Hygiene

Tea tree oil is considered effective for gum inflammation and gum bleeding. The bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath can be destroyed with the use of Tea tree oil. Few drops of the oil added to a cup of water can be used a natural mouth wash and regular gargling with this mouth wash can ensure good oral hygiene. However, it must be noted here that tree oil shall not be swallowed. The Oil is also considered good for diminishing tooth decay, fighting cavities and healing mouth ulcers.

9. Lip care

Tea tree oil’s healing properties can be especially useful with sunburned or chapped lips. Using it in diluted form on the lips ensures proper lip care. It helps remove dead skin, thereby leaving the lips soft and moisturised. You can apply it in diluted form or add it to your lip balm and use it regularly for best results.

10. Hair lice

Hair lice can be especially fussy and irritating.  Any remedies available in the market may not be much help in getting rid of them. The antibacterial and anti-viral properties in Tea Tree Oil help to destroy the eggs and body cells of Hair Lice. Studies have revealed that the application of tea tree oil eradicates cent per cent hair lice within 30 minutes of application.

11. Insect repellent

Tea Tree oil is rich in anti-microbial activities that help act as an insect repellent saving you from mosquito and other insect bites. It also provides you with relief from the mosquito bites apart from avoiding them completely when applied prior. Apart from insect bites, it can even help treat cuts, bruises and razor burns.

PS:  Tea tree oil also has usage as a detergent for cleaning your house. It is used for cleaning up of the house as an ingredient to the washing foam for cleaning surfaces and floors.

12. Athlete’s foot

Application of Tea Tree oil can help relieve symptoms of Athlete’s foot. Its medicinal properties can be largely effective in pains and their cure.

 Nail Fungus

Nail abnormalities and fungus can totally be cured by the use of tea tree oil. Laboratory research has found that applying Tea tree oil twice daily can help you treat fungal infections and improve your nails’ health. It can treat any kind of itching or burning of nails due to fungal or bacterial infections. 

This natural herbal essential can work much better than any cosmetic products on your skin and hair. Benefits from tea tree oil make it one of the Earth’s richest resources, it is a must-have and a must-try product. We would like to call it a a super-herb!



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