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Nourishing Muskmelon Body Lotion 300 ml

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Muskmelon, cantaloupe, or kharbuja is not only an extremely refreshing snack for the summer but also a great fruit to make your skin soft and glowing. Along with helping the skin to stay hydrated, the fruit is packed with nutrients such as vitamins A, B, and C, which help it to stay healthy, young, and supple. Muskmelon also contains a high amount of water that promises to keep your skin hydrated. Aloe vera in this body lotion is used to hydrate dry flaky skin. It has soothing properties to restore smooth supple skin.
Aloe vera is an effective skin-conditioning that calms the skin and leaves it feeling deeply moisturized. Treat your dry and dull skin with muskmelon body lotion to rejuvenate it and keep it fresh and hydrated.


  • Formulated with 100% pure herbal extracts-Muskmelon, Wild cherry, Watermelon & Aloe vera
  • Extremely moisturizing, does not clog pores, and is suitable for all skin types
  • Nonsticky formula yet provides deep hydration
  • Cooling & soothing lotion that makes your skin soft and glowing
  • Gentle care & soothing fragrance

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Bullet points

  • Quantity: 300ml; Item Form: Lotion
  • The fast-absorbing, daily-use body lotion is enriched with aloe vera and melon, which leave your skin smooth and refreshed
  • Best used after bathing when your skin is most receptive to hydration
  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Usage: Apply Nourishing Muskmelon Body Lotion gently all over the body, slowly massaging it in.
  • Target Audience: Men & Women
  • Package Contents: 1 Body Lotion

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