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Globus Naturals Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Skin Lightening Brightening Cream 50 gm

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The all-natural Vitamin C and Hydraulic Acid cream of Globus Naturals is a must-try solution for glowing hydrated skin. The cream provides herbal nourishment to the skin as it is a seamless amalgamation of natural hydrants derived from Olive oil, Coconut oil, seasonal Mango, Rosemary, Almond and Cocoa. Regular application of the cream restores the lost moisture of the skin making it radiant and prone to environmental damages. The combination of vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid with the other natural ingredients used help the cream to penetrate easily into the skin and repair the damaged cells in the various layers of the skin. It has proven benefits like even toning of the skin, preventing sun and oxidative damage, clearing wrinkles and acne; and leaving the skin youthful, fresh and rejuvenated.


  • Brightens & Evens Out Skin Tone
  • Fights Signs of Aging
  • Reduces Pigmentation, Reduces Dullness,
  • Promotes Collagen Production
  • Restores the Lost Moisture of the Skin Making it Radiant and Prone to Environmental Damages

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