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Globus Naturals AHA BHA Cream for Glowing Skin, Smooth Texture & Blemish Control 50 gm

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If you are looking for a therapeutic cream that can enrich your skin for long-lasting beauty and glow then Globus Naturals AHA and BHA Cream is for you!

The cream carries the richness of alpha and beta hydroxy acids that are a dermatologist's recommendation today. Our cream is made with a well-researched combo of Willow bark extract, Sugarcane Extract, Rose, Oats, and Coconut oil.

These hydroxy acids are naturally derived from these root extracts and are a repository of nutrition for healthy skin. These acids penetrate deep into the skin and remove excess oil or dead cells exfoliating the skin well.

Though the acids are effective and powerful in their beneficial effects, they do not get stored in the skin being water-soluble.

Hence, the regular application is a must for wrinkle-free, well-toned, glowing, and ever-youthful skin. The cream is good for all skin types and especially good for those who are facing the signs of early aging.

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